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Playa Games Achieves 40 Percent Revenue Growth

Hamburg-based online gaming company announces record earnings for 2016

January 19, 2017 06:05 PM Eastern Standard Time

HAMBURG, Germany-BUSINESS WIRE)--Playa Games, the Hamburg-based online and mobile gaming enterprise, ended 2016 with a 40% rise in net sales. 'With net sales at eight million euro, we’ve far exceeded last year's result’, says a satisfied Jan Beuck, co-founder and Managing Director of the firm. 'And our EBITDA once again rose strongly.'

Playa Games, formed in 2009 by Jan Beuck and Martin Jässing, has been profitable since its very first financial year. The company is growing continuously. Having developed and published five online and mobile games to date, it is a watchword for innovation and continuous, forward-looking development. One example: At Gamescom 2016, it presented a Flash-to-HTML5 converter ( never before seen in the industry.

The Hamburger-based darling of the industry holds another trump card: Playa Games employs just ten permanent employees; an additional 50 professionals work for the company on a freelance basis. 'This makes us extremely agile’, explains Jan Beuck. 'We can respond to market changes and customer wishes much quicker than large-sized companies. And our fixed costs are significantly lower’.

“Shakes & Fidget” is Playa Games’ most successful games to date, with other 50 million registered players in around 30 countries. The plan is to launch two more games under this name over the next two years. One of these is a new strategy game based on the “Shakes & Fidget” success story, and planned to launch before the end of 2017. Jan Beuck: ‘This will see this year's sales leap well over the 10 million euro mark.'

The strengths of Playa Games and its sparkling operating results in recent years, have caught the attention of local and international investors alike. Playa Games is regarded as one of the German gaming industry’s gems. ‘And we want to continue growing strongly’, Jan Beuck says clearly. ‘So we will allow ourselves a little time to select the investors best suited to our strategy.'

Playa Games GmbH
Jan Beuck
[email protected]
Tel.: +49 40 333 13 375

Playa Games se porte bien en tout cas, du moins c'était le cas en début d'année.
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Oui en effet 8 millions d'euros c'est pas mal ^^
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"This makes us extremely agile", explains Jan Beuck. "We can respond to market changes and customer wishes much quicker than large-sized companies."
Ils ont de l'humour.
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J'ai une nouvelle fois déplacé vos messages.
En effet, ils étaient dans le topic concernant les difficultés de connexions du S1, ce qui n'a, disons le, pas de rapport avec la situation financière et le fonctionnement de Playa Games.

Merci donc de ne pas poster n'importe ou, sinon, nous serons contraint de sanctionner les membres concernés.
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